A dog crosses a busy Oaxaca street in safety. A dog crosses a busy Oaxaca street in safety.

For Oaxaca traffic cop, dogs are pedestrians too

A respectful dog and a helpful officer won the hearts of social media users

A Oaxaca traffic cop won the approbation of social media users when a video of him helping a dog cross a busy road went viral this week.

José Antonio López was on traffic duty in San Agustín de las Juntas when a dog approached, clearly wanting to cross.

The dog hesitated at the sight of the busy road until López decided to help. The officer stopped traffic and urged the cautious canine to cross to safety.

“Go on, little one,” López can be heard saying in the video.

Social media users applauded the act, which the municipality shared on its Facebook page.

The police “not only give protection to people, they give protection and respect to animals,” the municipality wrote, noting that the “very respectful” dog obeyed the officer and waited to cross the street.

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