The unidentified officer, right, turns in the cash. The unidentified officer, right, turns in the cash left at an ATM.

Honest cops: in 2 incidents, officers turn in lost cash

Mexican police have a poor reputation for honesty but not all can be painted with the same brush.

In two separate incidents, two Mexico City police officers turned in cash to authorities after failing to locate the owners who had left it behind.

On Friday morning, a member of the auxiliary police force found US $1,100 in $100 bills at the Mexico City airport. Although the sum is roughly equal to two months’ salary, the officer immediately reported the discovery and turned in the money at the airport’s security center. No one has yet claimed it.

In another incident, a member of the banking and industrial police found 4,200 pesos (US $220) left in an ATM at the World Trade Center in the Nápoles neighborhood of Mexico City yesterday afternoon. Following police protocol, the officer first attempted to locate the owner.

After being unable to do so, the officer turned the money over to his superior, who informed him that the cash would be held for one day at a security desk before being turned over to the bank where it was found.

Source: Milenio (sp), La Prensa (sp)

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