Olympic weightlifting medalist Aremi Fuentes. Olympic weightlifting medalist Aremi Fuentes.

Olympic medalist chides state for presenting a check without funds

Weightlifter Aremi Fuentes says she was given a check for 50,000 pesos but the bank wouldn't cash it

An Olympic medalist was grateful for the 50,000 peso check (about US $2,500) she received for her performance at the Tokyo Games — until she tried to cash it at the bank.

Aremi Fuentes won bronze in women’s weightlifting at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. She said she was later given a check by the Baja California Governor Jaime Bonilla but the bank said there were no funds to cover it.

“We were given a prize of 50,000 pesos in recognition of what we did in the Olympic Games. We even had an official photo taken … it’s not just that the check doesn’t have funds, I’ve been told that the check doesn’t exist,” she said.

“Other Olympic medalists who went to Tokyo 2020 were given 150,000 pesos for winning medals, plus a salary of 20,000 per month, while I earn 3,000 monthly plus 3,500 for food. I have been representing the state since 2014; it seems like a mockery what they have done, to give me a check in front of the media and it doesn’t exist; it doesn’t have funds,” she added.

The weightlifter posted on social media to explain that she feared she wouldn’t receive the money. “I don’t know if they will retaliate, it is possible that they will delay with speeches and promises until November when the government changes and for that reason it is now or never.”

Fuentes is also waiting for a prize that will be delivered by the federal government from money raised through the presidential raffle on September 15.

The weightlifter won her medal by lifting 245 kilos. Ecuador’s Neisi Patricia Dajomes Barrera won gold after lifting 263 kilos.

With reports from ESPN and El Universal 

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