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Once again, survey ranks Mexico as second-best destination for expats

For a second consecutive year, respondents to an expat survey have ranked Mexico as the second-best destination for people living and working abroad.

Conducted by InterNations – which bills itself as the world’s largest expat community – the seventh annual Expat Insider survey only ranks Taiwan as a more attractive destination than Mexico among 59 countries.

In a report on the survey, which polled more than 12,000 expats, InterNations noted that Mexico even rated as the best country for expats on the “Ease of Settling In” index.

The organization said 85% of expats find it easy to settle down in Mexico, 23% higher than the global average, and 78% say it is easy to make local friends, a 34% increase compared to the global average.

The survey report noted that one United States expat said “the culture and friendliness of the local people” was their favorite thing about living in Mexico.

In the different categories that contribute to the “Ease of Settling In,” Mexico ranked No. 1 for feeling at home and finding friends, No. 2 for friendliness and No. 9 for language, or ease of communication.

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Out of the 59 countries included in the survey, Mexico ranked second on the “Personal Finance” index, fourth on the “Cost of Living” index, 22nd for “Working Abroad” and 31st on “Quality of Life.”

Four in five expats (80%) in Mexico are satisfied with their financial situation versus a 64% global average, InterNations said, while 90% said their disposable household income is enough or more than enough to cover their living expenses compared to 77% globally.

On the “Working Abroad” index, Mexico was dragged down by its 33rd ranking in the economy and job security category but ranked 10th for career prospects and satisfaction and 20th for work and leisure.

On the “Quality of Life” index, Mexico’s rankings of 51st for safety and security, 42nd for quality of the environment, 37th for travel and transportation and 34th for digital life ensured that it was not among the top countries.

Asked about security, one Irish expat remarked that he didn’t feel safe on the streets here. He was far from the only foreigner in Mexico with security concerns.

One-fifth of expats in Mexico who responded said they were concerned about their personal safety whereas the global average was 8%. Just over a quarter of expats – 27% – said they were unhappy with the water and sanitation infrastructure in Mexico compared to 12% globally.

Mexico did, however, rank first in the personal happiness category on the “Quality of Life” index– 89% of expats in Mexico said they are happy with their life in general – while it ranked second for leisure options.

More than nine in 10 Mexico expats said they liked the weather whereas the global average was significantly lower at 66%.

InterNations also asked survey respondents about the impact of Covid-19 on expat life, and just over half – 53% – said they were satisfied with official communications about the pandemic. However, the global average was 13 points higher at 66%.

Among those unsatisfied, 72% of respondents said the information offered by authorities was unclear, confusing or contradictory.

Mexico has been hit hard by the pandemic with more than 2.3 million confirmed cases and more than 220,000 officially recorded deaths. But that hasn’t put much of a dent, if any, in its attractiveness as a destination for expats, the survey indicates.

Mexico has ranked in the top five best destinations for expats since the first Expat Insider survey was conducted in 2014. It also ranked second last year while it placed fourth in both 2018 and 2019.

Costa Rica ranked as the third-best destination after Taiwan and Mexico, while Malaysia, Portugal, New Zealand, Australia, Ecuador, Canada and Vietnam ranked fourth to 10th.

The worst destination for people living and working abroad among the 59 countries in the survey was Kuwait followed by Italy, South Africa, Russia, Egypt, Japan, Cyprus, Turkey, India and Malta.

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