Mothers give a press conference after the deaths of their babies in a Morelos hospital. Mothers give a press conference after the deaths of their babies in a Morelos hospital.

Parents claim negligence, blame infection for deaths of 10 babies

They say at least 10 infants died in Cuernavaca general hospital

Parents of newborn babies that died in the Doctor José G. Parres General Hospital in Cuernavaca have charged that the deaths — at least 10 — were caused by a bacterial infection and claim negligence on the part of the hospital.

Patricia Aguirre told a press conference she gave birth to premature twins late last month but one died on June 28.

The following day, two more babies in the hospital died and four more succumbed between June 30 and July 1. On July 2 came the second blow for Aguirre when her second child died. Two more deaths followed.

Aguirre said her babies had been moved to an isolation ward because they had contracted what the hospital described as a very contagious bacteria.

Worried about her newborns, Aguirre questioned one of the physicians, who told her that they were infected with Klebsiella, which can be spread through person-to-person contact or, less commonly, by contamination of the environment. The bacteria is not spread through airborne contact.

Another mother who lost her child told reporters that a doctor told her the infection was contracted within the medical facility.

América Jocelyn León said a night shift doctor told her it could have been a result of reusing equipment that had not been properly disinfected.

The two mothers said that they would file formal complaints.

State Health Secretary Patricia Mora wrote on Twitter that she was in touch with the parents and explained that state and federal health authorities are collaborating in an investigation of the Cuernavaca hospital, including its facilities, equipment, supplies and procedures.

Mora gave an assurance that the cause of the deaths would be found.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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