Access has been restricted at the Salamanca refinery. Access has been restricted at the Salamanca refinery.

Pemex refinery in Guanajuato target of failed bomb attack

Explosive devices found in abandoned vehicle Wednesday night

Authorities foiled an attempted attack on a Pemex refinery in Guanajuato Wednesday night after an abandoned vehicle containing 12 explosive devices was discovered near the site, the minister of national defense (Sedena) reported.

President López Obrador said today that security at government facilities has been strengthened as a result.

The attempted bombing may be related to the law enforcement crackdown on the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel, known for extortion and fuel theft, in which dozens of suspected cartel members were arrested Saturday.

Among them were the mother, sister and cousin of cartel leader José Antonio Yépez Ortiz, alias El Marro. 

In response, Yépez ordered vehicles to be set on fire on several roads in and around Celaya in order to create fiery blockades to hinder efforts to arrest him. Blockades were established at 47 different points in 13 municipalities, Milenio reported.

The United States Embassy subsequently issued a security alert warning its citizens to avoid highways in 10 Guanajuato municipalities.

Yépez thanked his supporters and those who burned cars, and threatened the government in two emotional videos posted to social media the evening after the arrests.

“These thieves humiliated and did what they wanted with my family and I will be a stone in their shoe, I’m going to blow up, you will see,” he vowed, promising to keep battling authorities “even if I’m left alone like a fucking dog.”

Source: Milenio (sp), El Financiero (sp)

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