Officer Quijano found US $1,600 in cash and turned it in. Officer Quijano found US $1,600 in cash and turned it in.

Police restore lost cash to owners in Mexico City

Backpack containing $1,600 found outside bank in Mexico City

Mexico City police have been recognized for their honesty upon returning lost bags containing large amounts of cash to their rightful owners.

Officer Aristeo Quijano Acosta discovered a backpack containing over US $1,600 outside a bank last week in the affluent neighborhood of La Granada.

“On September 10 around 11:55am, while making my rounds, I noticed a backpack left in the main doorway of the bank,” said Quijano.

Upon opening the bag, Quijano found $1,684 and a U.S. passport.

The backpack’s owner was found and contacted through social media. The 25-year-old U.S. citizen was grateful to the police for returning his mislaid possessions.

It was not the first time this year that Mexico City police have been acknowledged for such honesty.

In May, an officer identified as A. Labra Díaz found a satchel containing over 50,000 pesos at the Buenavista Metrobus station.

Like Officer Quijano, Labra reported the discovery, and the bag was eventually returned to its rightful owner.

“I proudly congratulate him and thank him for his honesty,” said Metrobus general manager Roberto Capuano in a tweet on the transit system’s official Twitter account.

Sources: Televisa News (sp), El Universal (sp)

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