Trixie and the surgical team. Trixie and the surgical team.

Poodle gets a pacemaker; first operation of its kind in Mexico

14 specialists perform surgery in Puebla

A team of veterinarians and doctors are hoping that Trixie will have a bit more pep in her step after she became the first dog in Mexico to be implanted with a pacemaker.

The 9-year-old French poodle suffered from bradycardia, and her owners said that it was difficult for her to participate in her favorite activities because she would tire quickly.

A group of 14 specialists, including a pacemaker expert, performed the surgery in Puebla.

The director of the Puebla Cardiovascular Institute, Juan Carlos Pérez, said the surgery lasted around five hours.

The cardiologist said that the surgery has been performed in Europe, the United States and on one dog in Colombia, but that he and his team are pioneers of the operation in Mexico.

“This was very nice because it was the first time it was done in the country. Everything was free and we all [worked together], veterinarians and cardiologists alike, and the result was very good,” he said.

He added that the team would like to document the case for publications specializing in animal issues and hopes that it opens up the possibilities for other innovative animal treatments.

Source: Excélsior (sp)

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