Volaris airplane The airlines Volaris and VivaAerobus will soon be hearing from Profeco's legal team, the federal consumer protection agency announced.

Profeco begins proceedings against 2 airlines for carry-on baggage charges

Only Aeroméxico was able to appease the consumer protection agency and avoid legal action

The federal consumer protection agency (Profeco) has taken action against the airlines VivaAerobus and Volaris, who it says have been committing an “abusive practice” by charging for carry-on baggage.

The agency placed its characteristic “suspended” stickers across the two airlines’ airport kiosks in San Luis Potosí and Puerto Vallarta. But that does not mean that ticket sales or services are prohibited, Profeco clarified. Rather, it signifies the initiation of proceedings against the airlines for violating the law; the airlines’ operations will not be affected in order to avoid inconveniencing consumers.

The move comes just three days after Profeco announced that Mexico’s three biggest airlines, Aeroméxico, VivaAerobus and Volaris, were all violating consumers’ rights by charging for carry-ons, and warned them to stop.

Aeroméxico was able to make peace with the agency and agreed to stop charging for hand luggage carried onto a plane’s passenger cabin.

“In the face of Profeco’s call, the airline ultimately reconsidered,” Profeco said of Aeroméxico. “From now on, will include hand baggage up to 10 kilograms at no extra cost, even for the cheapest tickets.”

Thus, consumers with Aeroméxico basic economy tickets can immediately begin to bring their carry-ons on board, and the airline will shortly post updated terms of sale on its website, the agency said.

With reports from Reforma

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