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Military working on 10 weapons projects, including automatic pistol

The Mexican military is currently undertaking 10 high-tech weapons projects including the imminent manufacture of a new automatic pistol.

Production of the army-designed PAX-100 pistol will begin soon, according to a report in the newspaper Milenio.

The firearm, which will shoot 5.56-millimeter ammunition, is to replace the German-made MP5 submachine gun that is currently carried by high-ranking military officials.

Among the other projects under development is a remote-controlled weapon station that will allow the army to confront enemy fire without the need for soldiers to leave their armored vehicles.

Major David Quintana Mora, director of military industry research and development, told Milenio that by designing and manufacturing its own weapons, the military can both achieve greater autonomy and save money.

He cited local production of the FX-05 rifle, which has replaced the German-made G3 rifle in Mexico’s armed forces, as an example of the kind of savings that can be generated.

Quintana said the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) was able to make each FX-05 for 10,000 pesos (US $520) whereas a similar foreign-made rifle sells for 35,000 pesos (US $1,820).

The military has the capacity to make 30,000 FX-05 rifles a year and for more than a decade has produced at least 15,000 annually.

Quintana said the different weapons projects are part of the strategy to modernize Mexico’s armed forces and ensure that members of the military have maximum protection.

He explained that none of the weapons currently under development – which also include a semi-automatic pistol, a light machine gun and a grenade launcher – were designed with the arming of the National Guard in mind.

However, the military industry division of Sedena has the capacity to meet the new security force’s needs if required, Quintana added.

The military makes its own weapons at two arms factories that together employ 402 people. One is located in Lomas de Tecamachalco, México state, and the other is in Santa Fe, Mexico City.

Another future project for the facilities could be the manufacture of high-powered, .50-caliber rifles similar to Barrett rifles such as the M82.

Last month, Sedena presented a request to the Secretariat of Finance (SHCP) for just under 24.2 million pesos (US $1.3 million) so it can carry out research and development and purchase equipment needed for the weapon’s manufacture.

Source: Milenio (sp) 

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