Alonso, confirmed as governor of Puebla. Alonso, confirmed as governor of Puebla.

Puebla vote recount confirms National Action Party victory

Martha Erika Alonso declared winner of election for governor

A recount has confirmed the results of the election for governor of Puebla after they were challenged by the three-party coalition led by Morena.

The federal electoral court has confirmed an earlier declaration that National Action Party candidate Martha Erika Alonso Hidalgo has been elected governor.

However, second-place candidate Miguel Barbosa Huerta said last night that the results of the recount were not unexpected and that he plans to challenge the electoral process based on irregularities identified by the coalition.

Votes cast in 59 polling stations were annulled but that was not enough for state and federal courts to annul the entire electoral process.

The state electoral court voted unanimously to ratify Alonso’s win.

Source: Animal Político (sp)

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