Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Pugmania brings hundreds of pugs to Querétaro city

Hundreds of pug owners and their furry friends flocked to Querétaro city Sunday for the fifth annual encuentro pugmaniaco, or pugmania meeting.

The dog lovers gathered in the central square known as the Plaza de Armas in the late afternoon to proudly show off their pugs and meet with other owners of the distinctive breed, which originally came from China.

Juan Reyes, founder of the pugfest, told the newspaper El Universal that the purpose of the event is to give families an opportunity to spend time together and to make people aware that “we promote adoptions and sterilizations.”

Some 300 pugs and their owners attended this year’s event, with some dogs and people traveling from other states. One first-time participant was Violeta, a two-year-old female pug dressed as a diablita, or little devil. Many other pugs attended the event in costumes, with a Baby Yoda pug and a Batman pug among the pampered pooches panting, peeing and parading in the public plaza.

Pug owners show off their pets in Querétaro.
Pug owners show off their pets in Querétaro.

“I really like the breed,” said Youseth Trejo, a resident of San Juan del Río and owner of Violeta. “There’s an incorrect concept about the breed, that they’re unhealthy and things like that, but the truth is they’re not. … [Pugs are] very noble and even have almost human-like behaviors. Once I scolded [Violeta] and she vomited from anger at being scolded.”

Alejandro Montes traveled from Tequisquiapan with his black pug Tiberio for the event. “I found out on Facebook that it was the fifth meeting and we decided to bring Tiberio … so that he can mix with [other] dogs of his breed,” he told El Universal.

“I’m looking forward to meeting more people,” said Pablo Rodríguez, a pug owner who moved to Querétaro from Durango just before the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. “[I’d like] my dog to spend time with … [other pugs]; this is perfect to make more friendships and socialize better,” he said. “… It’s a very relaxed and healthy environment.”

Pug lovers will get another chance to dress up their pets and show them off in public later this year when a Halloween-inspired event called pugween is held in the Bajío region state.

With reports from El Universal 

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