Lamb barbacoa and pulque on the menu this weekend. Lamb barbacoa and pulque on the menu this weekend.

Pulque and barbacoa on the menu this weekend in Mexico City

Annual fair will be celebrated Friday through Sunday in Magdalena Contreras

Savory, slow-roasted lamb and pre-Hispanic agave tipple will be on the menu this weekend at the 2019 Barbacoa, Pulque and Artisans’ Fair in Mexico City.

Regional producers will offer their best lamb barbacoa recipes, roasted either in above-ground or traditional pit ovens, as well as the accompanying consomé, a rich, clarified broth.

There will also be lots of antojitos (snacks) such as quesadillas, tlayudas, pork tacos, the sauce-drenched and grilled sandwiches called pambazos, elote (roasted corn) and the spicy soup made from beef stomach called pancita.

To wash all this down, festival attendees can grab a gourd full of pulque, a drink made from fermented agave syrup that dates back to before the conquest. Also on the menu will be curados, pulque that is flavored with ingredients such as lime, coconut, mango, pineapple, tomato and oats.

Although pulque has a very low alcohol content, those who must abstain can still try a cup of the sweet aguamiel, the raw agave syrup before fermentation.

As if all that weren’t enough, there will be traditional candies, ice creams, crepes, flan, cakes and gelatin for dessert, as well as lots of folk art booths to browse in between courses.

Now in its fourth year, the fair is a free family event held November 15-17 from 10:00am-8:00pm each day. The location is in the southwest of the city, at Calle del Rosal 2, in the borough of Magdalena Contreras.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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