San Ángel is one of 21 Mexico City neighborhoods that were designated 'magical.' San Ángel is one of 21 Mexico City neighborhoods that were designated 'magical.'

Reactivation of ‘magical neighborhoods’ sought in Mexico City

The 2011 tourism promotion program was never formally launched

The tourism commission of the Mexico City Congress will ask the city government to revive the capital’s “magical neighborhoods” tourism promotion program.

The program, which designated 21 barrios as magical, was created in 2011 but was never formally launched and its funding was discontinued in 2012.

Commission members argue that the program’s reactivation will create new jobs, stimulate the local economy and rehabilitate run-down urban spaces.

Commission president Ana Patricia Báez Guerrero explained that the magical neighborhoods program would complement the existing Turismo de Barrio (Neighborhood Tourism) scheme.

The latter was created by the current government in order to promote lesser known tourist attractions in Mexico City and develop new ones in less visited parts of the capital.

Báez said the two programs together would provide greater opportunities for all 16 Mexico City boroughs to promote their tourism offerings and attract more visitors.

The request will be directed to the Secretariat of Tourism, Báez explained, adding that the Congress is also seeking an update on the progress of the Turismo de Barrio scheme.

Among the 21 neighborhoods that were designated as magical in 2011 are San Ángel, Santa María la Ribera, Coyoacán, Roma-Condesa, Xochimilco, La Merced, Mixcoac and Mexico City’s home of Mariachi music, Plaza Garibaldi.

Source: El Economista (sp) 

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