Battle-scarred municipal offices in Villa Unión. Battle-scarred municipal offices in Villa Unión.

Repairs 50% complete to 120 homes damaged in cartel attack

Repairs to 120 homes are underway in Villa Unión, Coahuila, where gangsters belonging to the Northeast Cartel led a two-hour attack that left 22 people dead on November 30.

Coahuila Governor Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solís went to Villa Unión to hand over the houses already finished to their owners.

“Little by little we’re carrying out this reconstruction,” he said. “It’s not about declaring victory because in the end it was a terrible act, but we’re not going to allow crime to come back.”

Reconstruction of the homes is about 50% complete. The municipal offices and two churches were also badly damaged in the gunfight.

At least 10 million pesos (US $531,000) of state funds have been allocated to the reconstruction effort.

Riquelme said the state will coordinate with the federal government to maintain security in order to defend against any future attacks.

The visit was the governor’s sixth since the November 30 attack, by which he hoped to show residents that the state will continue its security strategy to combat organized crime.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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