Rescue workers break through a wall to retrieve abandoned baby. Rescuers break through a wall to retrieve abandoned baby.

Rescue workers free infant trapped between walls of CDMX homes

Her mother is believed to have thrown the baby into the space before fleeing the city

Rescue workers in Mexico City freed a newborn baby who was found trapped between the walls of two buildings in the borough of Iztacalco on Tuesday.

Members of the Rescue and Medical Emergency Squadron responded to 911 calls in which neighbors reported hearing a baby crying somewhere in the walls of a building on Plutarco Elías Calles street in the neighborhood of Santiago Norte.

They spotted the baby girl from the roof of the building. She was trapped three meters down in the space between the walls of the buildings. They also saw blood stains on the bricks.

Rescue workers broke through the wall of a residence in order to get the baby out, after which she was treated by paramedics and diagnosed with bradycardia, or a low heartrate. Firefighters arrived on the scene to take her to a pediatric hospital in the borough.

Although the infant was found alive, her presumed grandfather told the news outlet Telediario that his daughter had had an abortion on Monday, adding that she later ran away. It is believed that she threw the baby into the space between the buildings from the roof before fleeing.

The infant was reported to be in critical condition.

According to the United Nations Children’s Fund, there were 1.6 million orphaned minors in Mexico in 2017.

However, the lack of an official database for orphaned children has led to a number of different estimates. The organization Aldeas Infantiles SOS México estimates that there are 412,456 orphaned children in the country.

The federal Social Assistance Accommodations Census reports that there are 879 orphanages in Mexico, which look after a total of 30,000 children and teenagers.

Among the principal causes of orphaned children are abandonment, migration and organized crime.

Source: Infobae (sp)

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