Workers are carrying out maintenance on the Cutzamala water system. Workers are carrying out maintenance on the Cutzamala water system.

Resumption of water service delayed another 36 to 40 hours

A line shifted during installation, delaying completion of work on Mexico City, México state water system

Mexico City and México state residents affected by the shutdown of the water system will have to wait longer than expected for their water to start running again.

The National Water Commission said this morning that turning the water back on has been delayed by 36 to 40 hours after one piece of a new water line shifted during installation.

The reason has not been established but a Mexico City water spokesman said the process was complex.

Water service was suspended October 31 to allow for maintenance work on the Cutzamala water system. Officials expected to complete the work by 8:00am Saturday when the water would be turned back on.

But at that point officials said they were 12 hours behind and anticipated a resumption of service Saturday night.

They were unable to say why one of the lines had shifted but an investigation will take place once the problem has been repaired.

Mexico City water system chief Ramón Aguirre advised the public to continue with measures to conserve water. He said reserves were running short.

Water delivery is being provided to affected areas of the city with 1,290 water trucks and 60 locations where they can fill up.

Source: El Financiero (sp)

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