Municipal workers repair a water line in Mazatlán. Municipal workers repair a water line in Mazatlán.

Sabotage of Mazatlán’s water system investigated after lines burst

Mayor suspects municipal employees are behind the incidents

Authorities are investigating the possible sabotage of Mazatlán’s water system after several valves were tampered with, affecting distribution to various parts of the municipality.

The interruption in service was only the latest disruption in service. On the weekend, a rupture in water lines near the airport left the downtown area of Mazatlán without water.

The more recent rupture in the Flores Magón neighborhood shut off the water supply to many neighborhoods in the northern part of the city.

Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres blamed saboteurs, claiming that the incidents were likely the work of embittered municipal workers who tampered with the water pressure so that the lines would burst.

“These people are criminals. We are investigating [the ruptures] and we are on the verge of discovering who is behind these acts of sabotage. They are wrong in thinking that they are hurting the administration; it is not the mayor, but rather themselves — the people — that they are harming.”

The mayor denounced institutional corruption in the municipal government and warned that his administration was taking concrete steps to prevent resources from being stolen.

“I would rather die trying to denounce these scoundrels than give up.”

The mayor said that to solve the immediate water crisis in the north of the city his government will spend 30 million pesos (US $1.6 million) to build a new water tank with the help of the National Water Commission.

Source: Milenio (sp), El Sol de México (sp)

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