Sahara dust sunset on Yucatán peninsula. Sahara dust sunset.

Sahara dust brings red sunsets to Yucatán peninsula

Rain is expected to end the spectacle on Thursday

Meteorologists predict that the massive dust cloud from the Sahara Desert in Africa will continue to hang over the Yucatán peninsula until Thursday, creating spectacular red sunsets.

The dust is picked up from the desert floor in the western part of the Sahara before being blown across the Atlantic Ocean by eastern trade winds, settling across the American continents and sometimes even reaching as far as the Amazon basin.

Astronomer Eddie Salazar Gamboa said it was very likely that the dust particles that in recent days have given Yucatán sunsets their special red hue will remain over the peninsula until Thursday because of projected clear skies and the absence of strong rains.

“On Thursday we are expecting the arrival of a tropical storm in the Caribbean, which will provoke rains across the peninsula. When it rains, the raindrops grab on to, in a matter of speaking, the dust particles, which then fall to the ground.”

The next two days are expected to be hot with clear skies: perfect conditions for the unique crimson sunsets caused by the Saharan dust.

Source: El Financiero (sp)

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