Senator Sánchez condemns the media during a press conference. Senator Sánchez condemns the media during a press conference.

Senator accuses media of ‘dramatizing’ massacre story

Minatitlán killings 'blown out of proportion'

A Morena party senator has accused media outlets of blowing out of proportion the story of Friday’s massacre in Veracruz in favor of a policy of “destructive opposition.”

Gloria Sánchez accused news outlets of “magnifying the drama” in their reports of the attack on a bar in Minatitlán that killed 14 people.

The senator from Veracruz noted that President López Obrador will visit Minatitlán this weekend to explain his security strategy directly to citizens “because unfortunately the media is blowing the story out of proportion.”

Sánchez’s comments provoked rebukes from politicians, journalists and others. One commenter urged her to “ask the family members of the victims and the residents of Minatitlán if the massacre was ‘dramatized.’” Others pressed the senator for an explanation of which of the events she considered to be false.

Later, Sánchez claimed on Twitter that she had meant “drama” in a different context, explaining she used the word to describe “an unfortunate occurrence that deeply unsettles us.”

She said Veracruz’ problems with insecurity were complicated and would not be solved “overnight,” declaring that the state government is working diligently to address the situation.

Violence has worsened in Veracruz since Governor Cuitláhuac García took office on December 1.

Source: El Universal (sp), Infobae (sp)

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