Sinkhole halts deliveries. Sinkhole halts deliveries.

Sinkhole swallows courier truck during heavy rainfall in Jalisco

It was one of two sinkholes that appeared in Zapopan

Floods, fallen trees, stranded vehicles and a sinkhole that swallowed a truck are just some of the results of the heavy rains that fell on the Guadalajara metropolitan area Monday night and into Tuesday morning, authorities report.

The intense rains led to the reopening of a sinkhole in the La Calma neighborhood of Zapopan which a courier truck was unable to avoid Monday night. 

Photos show the unfortunate, five-tonne, fully loaded Estafeta truck partially submerged in a gaping hole filled with water that opened up alongside López Mateos Avenue. 

The sinkhole is located on the sidewalk, which the driver of the truck tried to transit to avoid flooded streets.

This is the same sinkhole that has been reported on social media networks since late 2019, according to the newspaper El Informador.

Civil Protection and the Zapopan fire department say that neither the driver nor his two passengers were injured. 

A second sinkhole, partially located inside a house, opened up in Zapopan’s city center. 

Flooding was also reported in the Lomas de Polanco neighborhood near Ramón Alcorta and Calle 32 where the water level surpassed one meter.  

Municipal rescue crews were able to save five adults and three children traveling in three different vehicles that were stalled in deep water at the intersection. Again, no injuries were reported. 

The storm also toppled several trees in the area. Two trees fell in Guadalajara and 22 went down in Zapopan, where wind gusts reached 82 kilometers per hour. 

Source: Milenio (sp), El Informador (sp), Heraldo de México (sp)

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