Fans chant 'puto' at a soccer match. Fans chant 'Eh, puto!' at a soccer match.

Fans turn violent after game suspended for homophobic chant

An angry crowd attacked stadium security and resisted state police intervention

An angry crowd turned violent after a soccer game was suspended for a homophobic chant in Morelia, Michoacán, on Saturday.

An Expansion League quarter-finals game between C.A. Morelia and Tampico Madero F.C. was interrupted when fans began to chant, “Eh, puto!” a homophobic slur and soccer fan tradition that the Mexico Soccer Federation (FMF) has been trying to end.

As per federation rules, the referee halted the game and sent the players back to their locker rooms after fans repeatedly yelled the chant. But fans were not having it: the crowd turned violent and began to throw objects onto the field.

After a failed attempt to restart the game, it was suspended. Tampico Madero F.C. won 2-0 and C.A. Morelia was eliminated from the quarter-finals in the semi-professional soccer league.

After stadium security guards were unable to calm the mob, Michoacán state police were called in. Home team fans wearing Morelia F.C. jerseys tried to enter the field, but were stopped by police.

The league said the matter will be reviewed by the FMF disciplinary commission.

“The homophobic chant is unacceptable in our soccer [games] and the rules and sanctions will be applied in full,” the league announced.

With reports from Reforma

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