Some Telmex customers get a free bump in internet speed

Some users got a huge increase in their internet speed, while others observed no change

Some Telmex customers said their internet speeds increased drastically on Sunday, from as much as 500 megabits to 1 gigabit, without any additional charge.

Users of Mexico’s biggest telecoms company said they received an email explaining they would receive a higher internet speed for their Infinitum service effective Sunday. Speeds increased from 20-50, 30-60, 150-200 and 300-500 megabits per second, the news website Xataka reported.

The increase isn’t exclusive to any Telmex contract.

Some unexpectedly saw their speeds go from 500 Mbps to 1 Gbps, while others didn’t observe any change in their internet speeds at all.

The company hasn’t made an announcement on the improved service.

The extra bandwidth represents a vast improvement on what customers have received so far in 2022. Users experienced internet service interruptions on January 5 after vandals intentionally cut fiber optic cables in Sinaloa and Texas.

Telmex is Mexico’s dominant telecommunications company and is owned by Latin America’s richest man, Carlos Slim. It was founded in 1947 and privatized in 1990.

With reports from El Financiero and Xataka

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