The National Palace The National Palace: spies within?

Spying on the National Palace: hidden camera discovered

“He who owes nothing fears nothing,” said the president, who was not troubled by the discovery

A spy camera was found in a meeting room in the National Palace, President López Obrador revealed Thursday morning.

“A few days ago, in one of the rooms in our offices, a sophisticated camera was found, one of those little-bitty ones, they were recording us,” he said in his morning address. “In a room here in the palace, not in my office, but one of the rooms where we have meetings.”

“And what do they accomplish with it? If what we talk about is totally legal, transparent, then there’s nothing they can use against us,” he added.

The president was questioned about longtime employees of Nacional Financiera (Nafin), a federal development bank, who allegedly inform adversaries of the government. He said he did not believe they were a problem, reiterating that they would not have anything to inform about.

“I don’t view it as a sensitive situation, because he who owes nothing fears nothing. There are times when we have meetings and we take care that we’re not being recorded, but the truth is that it shouldn’t matter to us, because everything we say should be in the public domain. Public life must be more and more public,” he said.

With respect to the camera, López Obrador said that his administration has not filed complaints about such matters, and it will not start now.

“Why get involved in this? You get rid of the camera and that’s it, move forward. These are practices of the old regime. Imagine investigating where it came from. I mean, I’m now working on a report, I don’t have time to busy myself with this.

“No, get rid of it and move forward. We’re going to keep working on what’s in front of us,” he concluded.

Source: El Financiero (sp)

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