'El Ray,' 'El Ray,' whom authorities fear will be released for insufficient evidence.

State seeks help in case against cartel boss to prevent his release

There is not enough evidence against Jalisco cartel plaza boss, so authorities are looking for more

The government of Morelos has asked for public assistance to ensure that a suspected cartel boss is kept behind bars.

State Interior Secretary Pablo Ojeda Cárdenas yesterday urged anyone who has been a victim of crimes perpetrated by Raymundo Isidro Castro Salgado, suspected leader of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) in Morelos, to provide evidence to strengthen the case against him.

The Morelos government said it will offer special protection to anyone who steps forward.

The call for assistance came a day after state Security Commissioner José Ortiz Guarneros said that Castro, commonly known as “El Ray,” could be released from preventative custody due to a lack of evidence.

On May 13, a judge ordered the suspected plaza chief to stand trial for express kidnapping and set a period of two months for authorities to build the case against him.

If Castro is freed due to insufficient evidence, Ortiz said, he could seek revenge or attempt to retake the local leadership of the CJNG, both of which would represent a danger to society.

In that context, Ojeda stressed the importance of preventing the release of the suspect, warning that he is one of the main people responsible for the wave of violence in the east of the state.

The interior secretary acknowledged that “some people are afraid” of reporting crimes but explained that “we’re working to provide them with security.”

He also said that authorities are looking at a mechanism that would allow people to provide evidence safely and securely.

Castro has been sought by federal and state authorities since 2014. He was arrested in Puebla on May 7.

The incidence of high-impact crimes soared in Morelos in the first four months of 2019. The CJNG is one of five organized groups that operate in the state, according to the Morelos government.

Source: El Universal (sp) 

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