Chalice designs created by Mexican artisans. Chalice designs created by Mexican artisans.

Stella Artois’ Art of Chalice: 1,000 beer glasses adorned with Mexican designs

'Several of Mexico's best artists have created works of absolute beauty'

One thousand beer glasses have been painted and/or engraved by Mexican artists thanks to an initiative of pilsner brand Stella Artois.

The brand, brewed in Mexico by Grupo Modelo, collaborated with artists from various parts of Mexico on “The Art of Chalice” project.

Stella Artois chalices are sold around the world and considered the best glasses from which to drink the pale lager that was first brewed in Belgium almost 100 years ago.

Collaborating on a project to create a collection of hand-painted chalices was an opportunity for Stella Artois to “merge its historic respect for artisanal process around the world with the ancient artistic traditions of Mexico,” said brand manager Sofía Hourcade.

“… Stella Artois and several of … [Mexico’s] best artists have created works of absolute beauty that are a window to the world [to show] how beautiful Mexico and its culture are,” she said.

Two of the many artisans
Two of the many artisans who participated in the project.

The chalices, which feature a range of distinctly Mexican images, have been on sale since late last year with all proceeds going to the artists who painted them.

One artist who participated in “The Art of Chalice” project was Waldo Hernández Melchor of San Martín Tilcajete, a town about 30 kilometers south of Oaxaca city. The maker of alebrijes (wooden carvings of fantastical creatures) told the newspaper Milenio that he was thankful for the opportunity to paint a number of Stella Artois chalices.

“That brands such as Stella Artois do these kinds of collaborations is a great opportunity of growth for us, and not just us, but artisans from all over the country,” Hernández said.

“We should all have the opportunity to show how much we love our country through the arts and crafts we make,” he said. “… For us it’s a way of showing off our work, our skills…”

Hernández collaborated with a range of other artists during his participation in the initiative including Amador Montes, who features in an official “The Art of Chalice” video.

“… It was a great experience because we exchanged knowledge, sensibilities and techniques,” he said.

Artist Amador Montes speaks (in Spanish) about the Art of Chalice project.


Hernández said that initiatives such as that backed by Stella Artois also help to create jobs and spur artists to grow and develop their skills. “We are very grateful,” he added.

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