graffiti messages One graffiti message on walls of swimming pool threatens cutting off abusers' penises. Another says 'We know what you did.'

Swimming, gym students accuse teachers of filming with hidden cameras

Striking students say they found dark glasses with cameras

Female students at a preparatory school in Mexico City have accused their swimming and gym instructors of secretly filming them during classes in which they wear bathing suits and gym shorts.

Students at Preparatory School 9 of the National Autonomous University (UNAM) have been on strike since November 12 to demand that school authorities take strong measures in cases of gender violence against students and corruption.

With the school closed, the protesting students entered various office and in one they found a box of glasses with dark lenses that they claim teachers use to secretly film them.

“My teacher’s name is Luis. When I had my swimming and gym classes he used blue lenses,” said a female student who wished to remain anonymous. “In the physical education offices we found a box full of dark glasses and then we saw that they had cameras.”

“They used them when they had swimming classes with the girls, obviously minors in bathing suits, or in the gym, where it is mandatory for us to wear shorts.”

The students spray-painted the names of the accused teachers on the walls of the swimming pool alongside the phrase “We know what you did.”

Among their demands is that the university investigate a professor whom they accuse of corruption. Head of the biology department, he is known for taking monetary bribes to raise grades, students say.

School director Gabriela Martínez Miranda appeared in a video released on Tuesday in which she said that her administration had complied with the students’ list of demands.

“We have come to positive agreements, but there is still a point that is unresolved due to the fact that the students demand immediate punishment in the case of gender violence, even though they have not made a formal complaint. This is not possible. School legislation and the laws of our country require a complaint,” she said.

In light of the accusations service desks have been set up at which students can report cases of sexual assault and aggression. Such desks have also been set up at another preparatory school and the UNAM School of Philosophy and Letters for similar reasons.

In a press release, UNAM called for the striking students to return objects they have taken and allow regular classes to resume.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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