CNTE representatives at the National Palace in Mexico City. CNTE representatives at the National Palace in Mexico City.

Students learn civil disobedience, ‘social struggle’ in union’s plan

CNTE union wishes to break the model of traditional education

The CNTE teachers’ union will present an alternative education plan to President López Obrador that includes instruction on civil disobedience and social resistance and struggle.

Under the plan, students are taught from a “humanist” and “emancipatory” perspective using a curriculum that, according to the CNTE, breaks the model of traditional education.

It will be submitted to the president during a meeting scheduled for September 10.

The plan also says that parents need to form an “important part of the social, political, educational and cultural struggle against the imperatives that the system tries to impose.”

Learning is divided into five broad areas – territory and mother nature, language of the people, society and critical history of Mexico and the world, economy and productive work and popular culture.

Students evaluate their own educational progress and that of their peers.

The CNTE union, which organized countless protests against the former government’s educational reform, has also developed ideologically loaded “alternative” textbooks that have been distributed in Michoacán and Oaxaca.

Juan Melchor, a member of Section 18 of the CNTE, said the union has been working on an alternative education plan since 2015 and hopes that it will be disseminated nationally.

“The education we propose is an alternative to the privatization model of [former president] Enrique Peña Nieto’s educational reform . . .” he said.

Source: El Universal (sp) 

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