Construction at Villa Nova, Ajijic, a few months ago. Construction at Villa Nova, Ajijic, a few months ago.

Study highlights risks of residential developments on hills of Chapala

The report aims to support lawsuits against construction

A study has warned of the dangers posed by the construction of new residential developments on the lakeside hills of Chapala, Jalisco.

The environmental group Chimalli Axixic produced the study to support lawsuits against invasive construction in the surrounding hills brought by lawyer Raquel Gutiérrez Nájera.

It details the risk of landslides and documents the history of damage caused by development in the hills over the past 50 years in the the neighboring towns of San Juan Cosalá, Jocotepec and Ajijic.

Axixic Chimalli member Noris Binet said the report is essential to the lawsuits. “[Gutiérrez] cannot simply go to the judge and demand the construction be stopped. That is the reason for the study: evidence is needed to show the damage they are doing, mainly with respect to human rights,” she said.

“They are not guaranteeing safety for their customers, who will not only be affected by the lack of services, mainly water, but also the risk of landslides,” she added.

A resident of the nearby town of Ajijic said he was grateful for the study. “None of us were doing anything more than expressing our disagreement with the developments on the hillside. I’m pleased that a group of residents has put their hands to the task, and I hope that they can prevent the construction,” he said.

Source: Semanario Laguna (sp)

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