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5 homicide suspects jailed 11 years ago are still awaiting trial

Their attorneys charge incompetence and negligence by authorities

Five men arrested for homicide have spent almost 12 years in preventive imprisonment awaiting trial in Baja California.

They were accused of belonging to a gang and killing three individuals in Mexicali in 2007.

The 12 police officers involved said they arrested the men on the street but defense attorneys say the officers forced their way into their clients’ home to make the arrests.

The five were then transported to an unknown location where they were beaten before being placed them in custody, their lawyers claim.

They said the case has been plagued with incompetence and negligence as well as the implementation of the new criminal justice system.

In addition, they cited an earthquake in April 2010 that caused a hiatus of the entire state justice system, inquiries that were long and delayed and a heavy work overload in the justice system.

The attorneys claim that the defendants’ human rights have been violated due to the excessive time they have spent in preventive imprisonment.

A judge ruled four months ago that the case “should be resolved as soon as possible.”

Source: Reforma (sp)

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