Big waves in the forecast. Big waves in the forecast.

Swell warning issued in six states

Conagua warns of waves higher than 2.5 meters

A swell warning was issued yesterday evening for six Pacific coast states.

In Oaxaca, the Civil Protection office issued a 48-hour swell warning for the state’s 27 coastal municipalities.

Civil Protection chief Heliodóro Díaz Escárraga explained that the phenomenon, known in Mexico as mar de fondo, was caused by storms farther south in the Pacific Ocean and can bring unusually high waves to the coast.

Díaz urged the public to heed any and all warning issued by authorities.

As one tropical wave exits the state to the west, another is entering from the east. These phenomena, coupled with the influx of humidity from the Pacific Ocean, will continue to generate electrical storms and rains throughout the state.

The swell warning extends as far as the coasts of Chiapas in the south and Jalisco in the north. The National Water Commission (Conagua) warned that waves could be higher than 2.5 meters.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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