Thieves entered the airport in a fake Aeroméxico vehicle. Thieves entered the airport in a fake Aeroméxico vehicle.

Thieves nab 20 million pesos in cash at Guanajuato airport

An armored truck was delivering cash to a waiting airplane inside the airport's restricted area

A band of thieves made off with more than 20 million pesos (US $1 million) at the Guanajuato International Airport Wednesday night.

The bags of cash had arrived in a PanAmericano armored truck and placed aboard an airport service vehicle in preparation for loading on to a waiting plane.

But the delivery was intercepted by armed and masked men in a truck disguised with a fake Aeroméxico logo. They relieved the vehicle’s sole guard of the money and fled.

Other guards stayed inside the armored vehicle, where more cash — an estimated 120 million pesos — remained.

After seizing the loot, the thieves left the airport property by knocking over a fence.

They had entered the airport’s restricted area earlier in the evening, successfully passing through a military checkpoint, and waited for the money to arrive.

Later, a group of armed and masked men intercepted an Uber driver on the León-Lagos highway and made off with his vehicle, leaving the driver and his fare on the roadside.

Airport personnel said a cash delivery by armored truck takes place once a month.

Source: Milenio (sp), Reforma (sp)

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