A backhoe proved useful to ATM thieves. A backhoe proved useful to ATM thieves.

Thieves use backhoe to steal cash from ATMs

The machine had been left nearby for excavation work

It doesn’t matter how well you secure the installation of an automated teller machine if the tools required to steal from them are left nearby.

Thieves stole the cash from two ATMs at the Autonomous University of Hidalgo on Sunday by using a backhoe to gain entry and extract the loot.

One wall of the room where the ATMs are located was broken down with the backhoe, which was then used to smash the cash machines.

The thieves had entered the premises by posing as Federal Police and once inside, went to work.

The backhoe was on the site for an excavation project.

It was the third time in two years that thieves entered the university premises by posing as police.

Source: Excélsior (sp)

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