Sunday's ATM heist in Celaya. Sunday's ATM heist in Celaya.

Thieves use pickup to tear ATMs out of Guanajuato bank

A dozen thieves executed the robbery in just seven minutes

A dozen thieves used a pickup truck to yank two ATM machines from a bank in Celaya, Guanajuato, early Sunday.

A security camera caught the incident in which the thieves, dressed in black hoodies and wearing face masks, executed the robbery in just over seven minutes.

The footage shows the arrival of a black SUV and a grey pickup truck outside the ATM vestibule of an HSBC bank. Three men get out of the cars, one with a mallet, and proceeds to break the glass door open, while the driver puts the truck into position.

In the following moments more hooded men appear, five of whom enter the vestibule while others take chains out of the truck’s toolbox.

Meanwhile, others move across the street and to a nearby corner to watch for authorities.

One of the men uses a stick to break the bank’s security cameras while others attach a chain between a machine and the pickup.

In approximately four minutes, they tear out the first ATM and load it into the bed of the truck.

Less than a minute later the second ATM has been yarded from its mountings and it too is loaded into the truck, following which the thieves pile into the pickup and four other vehicles and flee the scene, leaving a heap of broken glass and torn metal in the bank parking lot.

The movie-style robbery was not an isolated incident. A similar one occurred in a plaza near Celaya’s central bus station last week, but authorities were able to stop it before the thieves could finish the job.

Sources: AM (sp), Zona Franca (sp)

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