The Cuyutlán toll plaza: no more charge for passenger vehicles. The Cuyutlán toll plaza: no more charge for passenger vehicles.

Toll charges suspended for cars between Colima and Manzanillo

Commuters were paying 130 pesos a day to travel five kilometers

Tolls have been suspended for passenger vehicles on the Colima-Manzanillo highway by order of President López Obrador.

During a stop yesterday in Colima to kick-start several social programs aimed at students, the elderly, the disabled and unemployed youth, the president said he heard complaints about the tolls while he was campaigning for last year’ s election.

Commuters traveling from Almería to their jobs in Manzanillo have had to pay 130 pesos every day at the Cuyutlán toll plaza to travel just five kilometers.

” . . . I have news for you,” López Obrador said. “I asked the communications and transportation secretary . . . to talk to the concession holder . . . who agreed to stop charging vehicles traveling through that plaza.”

The president said the operator has a 60-year concession to operate the toll plaza, but there were “problems with complaints.”

López Obrador said he planned to talk with the concessionaire that same day and that starting Wednesday passenger vehicles would not pay tolls at Cuyutlán.

Source: El Occidental (sp), Milenio (sp)

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