Slide victims were celebrating a school graduation. Slide victims were celebrating a school graduation.

Torrential rain triggers Puebla mudslide, killing seven

The victims were inside a house whose roof collapsed under the weight of the slide

A mudslide provoked by heavy rains caused the deaths of four children and three adults in the community of Santo Tomás Chautla, Puebla, yesterday.

The torrential downpour that struck the area late Wednesday afternoon weakened the side of a hillside, causing a piece of it to break away directly over a dwelling located on the hill. The impact caused the roof to collapse, killing the seven people inside.

At the time of the tragedy, the victims were gathered at the home to celebrate a graduation. Three adults and two children were killed instantly by the mudslide, while two young children who were rescued from the wreckage succumbed to their injuries en route to hospital.

By 11:00pm last night, authorities reported there were at least 11 people injured.

The state Civil Pprotection agency sent an emergency brigade made up of state officials, army personnel, firefighters and the Red Cross to assist in rescue efforts.

Authorities warned that the number of casualties could rise further.

Santo Tomás Chautla is located 30 minutes away from downtown Puebla city.

Source: El Sol de Puebla (sp)

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