The truck, the taxi and the fallen overpass. The truck, the taxi and the fallen overpass.

Tractor-trailer brings down pedestrian overpass in Texcoco

A raised cargo container struck the bridge

A tractor-trailer demolished a pedestrian overpass on the Los Reyes-Texcoco highway in México state on Monday night.

Surveillance camera footage showed that the truck’s cargo container, which appeared to have been raised, struck the overpass as the vehicle passed beneath it. A large piece of concrete became dislodged and fell on the truck, just behind the cab.

A taxi was also struck and its driver was transferred to hospital, but his injuries were not reported to be life-threatening. 

The incident occurred at the entrance to Cuautlalpan, whose mayor confirmed there were no casualties.

One side of the highway was closed following the accident. The National Guard confirmed that traffic circulation was restored early on Tuesday.

With reports from El Universal and Milenio 

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