Yesterday's collision in Hidalgo. Yesterday's collision in Hidalgo.

Train robbery triggers collision, fire in Hidalgo

Thieves stopped one train and another plowed into the back of it

Two trains collided in Nopala, Hidalgo, Thursday morning after one had been stopped by thieves intending to rob its cargo.

An engineer on the first train said he was forced to stop by a barricade made of tires, branches and rocks, at which point the thieves showed up and began stealing the appliances and audio equipment the train was carrying.

Meanwhile, another train transporting grain and traveling in the same direction slammed into the back of the stopped train.

The collision caused 30 freight cars to derail and sparked numerous fires.

Rescue teams, security officers and Mexican military forces worked to put out the fires and salvage what products they could from the wreckage.

The crash left three people injured, who were taken to the municipal health center.

Source: El Sol de Hidalgo (sp)

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