Monterrey, Mexico cop helps stray dogs on highway The dogs appeared to be enjoying their run along a highway in Monterrey, Nuevo León, oblivious to the officer in the car behind them.

Transit cop lauded for protecting dogs on highway

The officer drove slowly behind the stray animals to keep them safe in busy traffic

A transit police officer in Nuevo León won plaudits for ushering dogs along a highway near Monterrey on Sunday.

In a video shared by Monterrey police on Twitter, a transit police vehicle with sirens on is seen driving down the left-hand lane of a busy three-lane highway. Just in front of it are four apparently stray dogs not wearing collars and running in a pack.

The transit officer is not chasing the dogs but is driving excessively slowly behind them to protect them from the surrounding traffic. The dogs are running happily in a leisurely fashion while already heavy traffic is slowed yet further behind the police vehicle.

The police department singled out the officer for the act with a Twitter post. “We make a huge recognition to the traffic and highway officer … for his work to protect the lives of these dogs that were circulating on the highway yesterday.”

One Twitter user showed his appreciation for the officer’s caring attitude. “The types of cops that act like that are the ones who are admired and respected,” Erik Hdez wrote.

However, another user said authorities should do more to manage the problem of abandoned pets and called for sterilization. “Those beautiful little angels wouldn’t have to wander the streets if we were aware and adopted, instead of [bought], and if the government gave support to sterilize thousands of puppies and kittens,” she wrote.

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