Carnival queen hopeful Grijalva. Carnival queen hopeful Grijalva.

Transsexual woman says new rules stop her from being carnival queen candidate

She claims rules were changed, requiring candidates for Veracruz carnival queen to be women by birth

A transsexual woman claims she was denied the opportunity to be a candidate for Veracruz carnival queen after the organizing committee modified the rules.

Karla Grijalva, 33, told the newspaper Milenio that the event’s rules now state that all competitors must be “women by birth.”

Grijalva had presented the required documentation to enter, including a certificate issued by the civil registry office with her updated gender, which legally recognizes her as a woman.

“My registry was unfortunately denied. I was not given the opportunity of being a candidate due to a series of clauses that changed from one day to the next,” Grijalva wrote on Facebook.

She also stated that Angela Ponce, the first transgender woman to be crowned Miss Spain and be part of the Miss Universe pageant, had encouraged her to pursue the Veracruz crown.

Grijalva is considering the legal ramifications of her case and any course of action will depend on the response she gets from the carnival’s organizing committee.

” . . .  If the committee invites me for another spot I will take it, but only if it comes from the committee,” she said.

The Veracruz carnival will take place from February 27 to March 5, 2019.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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