One of many slides that have blocked highways in Oaxaca. One of many slides that have blocked highways in Oaxaca.

Tropical storm leaves 46,000 incommunicado in Oaxaca

Authorities continue to work on reopening roads after the state was hit by Tropical Storm Narda

As emergency personnel in Oaxaca worked on Tuesday to repair the damage left by Tropical Storm Narda over the weekend, at least 46,000 people in 46 communities remained isolated from the rest of the state because of damage to roads.

The isolated towns are located in the municipalities of Santiago Xanica, San Andrés Cabecera Nueva, Santa María Ozolotepec and Santa Cruz Zenzontepec in the Sierra Sur region, and Constancia del Rosario in the Mixteca region.

Narda, which hit Oaxaca on Saturday, caused landslides and floods that damaged roads and highways across the state. The Sierra Sur, Mixteca and Costa regions saw the most damage.

According to Oaxaca Highways and Airports director David Mayren, state and federal emergency workers have been able to reopen all federal highways but work continues to remove debris from state highways.

Mayren said the Río Grande-Juquila highway, in the municipality of Santa Catarina Juquila, has been partially reopened.

Source: Milenio (sp), Diario Marca (sp)

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