Owners of more than one million vehicles owe money. Owners of more than one million vehicles owe money.

Veracruz to forgive motorists 3 billion pesos in unpaid fines, registration

More than one million vehicle owners in Veracruz have avoided paying fines or registration fees totaling as much as 3 billion pesos (US $153 million). But they needn’t worry.

The state government has announced a program to forgive the debts.

“This program will principally benefit the owners of 1.1 million vehicles and motorcycles,” state official Ricardo Rodríguez Díaz. “We want all citizens to get caught up with their payments.”

The program will forgive past due vehicle registration fees as well as fines for late payments for owners who get caught up with their registration payments.

“Citizens will need to pay the registration fees for the years that correspond to them, but without paying the late charges,” he said. “If someone owes fees for two years, they will have to liquidate that debt.”

Source: El Universal (sp)

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