car with speakers The streets of Mexico are rarely quiet.

Visitor from Finland extols Mexico — for the noise

Life in Finland is 'excessively quiet,' says traveler after a holiday in Mexico

Mexico has much to offer: beautiful landscapes, rich culture and friendly people. But for a Finnish traveler who returned home recently after a visit to Mexico, what she misses most about the country is the joyful cacophony of street life.

Viivi Rytkönen (@unafinlandesa) recently went viral on the video sharing social network TikTok for a clip discussing her biggest cultural shock upon her return to Finland: the silence.

“I really don’t know what to think about this … the silence. All the time, it’s completely quiet, silent, calm, and in a way I like it, but there is also a limit. Like, it’s excessive,” Rytkönen shared in the video.

The TikToker said that Finland is especially quiet in the winter.

“Seriously, I’m starting to miss all the noise of Mexico. The sweet corn sellers, the tamal vendors, their shouts, the propane gas truck, the neighbors’ music. Something I really like is hearing life,” she said.

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One commenter compared her description of Finland to the ideal weekend getaway, while another joked, “Someone should go sell tamales in Finland.” Yet another TikTok user advised Rytkönen to play loud cumbia music for her neighbor’s enjoyment.

The video has reached almost 36,000 likes and more than a quarter million views.

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