Amazon delivers a Beetle to a Mexico City collector.

First of Volkswagen’s Final Edition Beetles sold and delivered by Amazon

The automaker made 65 available exclusively on Amazon México

A happy customer has taken delivery of the first of 65 final edition Volkswagen Beetles that are on sale in Mexico exclusively on the e-commerce platform Amazon.

Joaquín Jasso’s new car arrived at his México state home on the back of an Amazon truck inside a box custom made by the German automaker.

The Beetle, or Vocho as the car is affectionately known in Mexico, was made at the Volkswagen factory in Cuautlancingo, Puebla.

The plant produced 1.7 million New Beetles between 1997 and July 10 this year when the last one rolled out the doors to head to its final resting place, the Volkswagen Museum in Puebla city.

Jasso told the news website Expansión that purchasing his new car on Amazon was easy.

“It was very simple. The truth is if you have an Amazon account . . . it’s all very simple, it took me barely three minutes to buy,” he said.

The 44-year-old, who owns around 40 VW vehicles, said he was extremely happy with his latest purchase.

“I’ve always looked for special editions . . . and cars that are in impeccable condition . . . In my entire collection, each car has fewer than 100,000 kilometers [on the odometer] . . . most of them don’t have license plates and I’m not thinking about putting plates on this either . . .” Jasso said.

Volkswagen México wrote on Twitter that “Joaquín is part of the legend,” explaining that he is one of a select group who will have the privilege of receiving their new Beetle inside a box at their home.

Seeing the Volkswagen box on the back of the truck parked in front of his home, Jasso said it was like receiving “a big toy.”

“[Getting] a new car is always a really cool feeling and what’s better with this car is the way in which I bought it . . .” he said.

The final edition Beetle sells on Amazon for just over 410,000 pesos (US $21,000).

Source: Forbes (sp), Expansión (sp) 

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