A display of wines at the festival now running in Mexico City. A display of wines at the festival now running in Mexico City.

Winemakers launch new festival to celebrate Mexican wine

23 wineries are represented at the event, being held till October 14 in Mexico City

The first ever Mexican Wine Festival started on Monday and has activities scheduled until October 14.

The month-long event is hosted by Hacienda de los Morales, a restaurant located in the upscale Polanco district of Mexico City.

Twenty-three wineries and their 80-plus labels are the festival’s guests of honor, representing the states of Aguascalientes, Querétaro, Guanajuato, Coahuila and Baja California.

The Mexican Winemakers’ Council created the festival to promote Mexican wines among domestic consumers, said manager Gabriel Padilla Maya.

Creating strategic alliances with the most emblematic restaurants is important for developing an appreciation for wine and reaching a larger number of consumers, he said.

Meanwhile, the council is developing a guide for the restaurant industry and a consulting platform to help restaurants create Mexican wine lists and maintain a wine cellar.

Hacienda de los Morales manager Fernando del Morán pledged his support for the development of Mexico’s gastronomic and wine cultures.

“We are a restaurant that prides itself on selling mostly Mexican wine. We consider supporting the efforts of the Winemakers’ Council our responsibility and obligation . . .” he said.

The wine festival will also give winemakers the chance to introduce their newest labels, all of which will also be part of the host restaurant’s menu.

The council is also developing online training courses that will instruct restaurateurs and anyone else interested in the history and evolution of wine in Mexico.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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