Tequila Don Julio's new special edition bottle. Tequila Don Julio's new special edition bottle.

Wixárika designs adorn special edition bottles of Don Julio tequila

Artisans from Jalisco and Nayarit decorated the bottles one thread at a time

Artisans from Jalisco and Nayarit have collaborated with the Don Julio tequila brand to adorn 1,200 bottles of the spirit with indigenous Wixárika art.

The special edition bottles were created thanks to Tequila Don Julio’s “Me quito el sombrero por México” (I take my hat off to Mexico) project, which celebrates and promotes “the creative work of all Mexicans,” according to brand chief Cynthia García Espinosa.

Thirty-eight artisans from four communities in the Sierra Madre Occidental and the Sierra del Nayar used wool thread to decorate the tequila bottles with a design created by a Wixárika, or Huichol, man called Pablo Reza.

García described the adornment of Don Julio tequila bottles with Wixárika art as a “perfect match.”

“It was … magical … for us to … [work with] the communities to develop this unique creation,” she said.

Artisans from four communities used wool thread to create the embroidery-like designs.
Artisans used wool thread to create the embroidery-like designs.

The organization Ensamble Artesano, which promotes and sells the arts and crafts produced by artisans from 18 Mexican states, also collaborated on the project.

“Made thread by thread, [the art that adorns the bottles] reflects the devotion and passion of Mexicans,” Tequila Don Julio said. “It celebrates the talent of Mexican artisans, as well as their commitment to preserve Mexican culture… Let’s take off our hats and celebrate Mexico with this unique work made by artisans of the Wixárika community!”

According to Vogue México, the purchase of a limited edition bottle of Don Julio 1942 tequila can be arranged by sending a direct message to the brand’s Instagram account. The brand didn’t immediately respond to an inquiry about availability and price.

Johnnie Walker whisky bottles and a Volkswagen beetle have also been beautified with Wixárika art in recent years.

With reports from Milenio and Vogue México

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