This driver was clearly unhappy after a collision on Mexico City. This driver was clearly unhappy after a collision in Mexico City.

Infuriated by accident, woman lays a beating on the other vehicle . . .

. . . before ramming it four times with her own

A woman took road rage to an extreme level in Mexico City yesterday, using a metal bar to damage a car with which she was involved in an accident before repeatedly ramming it with her own vehicle.

The incident, captured on video by a bystander and posted to social media, occurred in the northern borough of Azcapotzalco.

According to a witness’ account of the events on Twitter, the woman’s outbreak of aggression followed a crash between her vehicle and one in which two young people were traveling.

“I went inside my house when I saw that everyone was okay, that they weren’t injured but then I started hearing blows. I went outside and saw the woman hitting the car with an iron bar,” the witness wrote.

In the video, the woman is seen hitting the hood and windscreen of a red Volkswagen – with the occupants still inside – before breaking off a side mirror with three quick blows.

She then gets back into her own vehicle, turns around and rams into the smaller car four times while bystanders urge her to calm down. The woman then drives off.

During the recording of the video, a man reads out the letters and numbers of the vehicle’s license plate, remarks incredulously as she crashes into the other car that “she doesn’t give a damn” and repeatedly calls her “fucking crazy.”

Another witness wrote on social media that the woman had asked the occupants of the other car to get out of their vehicle and speak to her insurance company but they refused.

The Mexico City Attorney General’s office said it has opened an investigation into the incident but didn’t offer any further details.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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