Romo: no investor concern over viole Romo: no investor concern over violence.

World’s view of Mexico very positive: AMLO’s chief of staff

Cartel violence shouldn't be blown out of proportion: Alfonso Romo

Despite violence, economic uncertainty and stagnant growth, the world’s view of Mexico is very positive, says President López Obrador’s chief of staff.

Speaking at a business conference on Thursday, Alfonso Romo said that Mexico’s good image can be attributed to macroeconomic and political stability.

The cartel violence in Culiacán, Sinaloa, last month and the attack on the LeBarón family in Sonora this week are “sad” but shouldn’t be blown out of proportion, he said.

Romo said he met with officials from the United States Embassy on Wednesday and the issue of insecurity wasn’t even brought up. He also said there have been no announcements that investment will be canceled because of the high levels of violence in the country.

“Yes, [the acts of violence] are sad, we have to resolve [the situation] but we still don’t see [investor] concern,” Romo said.

Although investors already have confidence in Mexico, the chief of staff said that to attract even greater investment, the government needs to capitalize on the macroeconomic and political stability to generate more confidence and certainty.

While acknowledging Mexico’s stagnant growth in 2019, Romo said the foundations are being put in place for a better economic performance in the coming years.

“. . . I would say that we’ll grow [the economy] much better [in 2020] than this year and by laying the groundwork, [it will be even] better in 2021 and 2022. The task of the government is to sow more confidence and certainty . . . We’re doing what’s necessary to lay the groundwork to be able to grow by 4% at the end of the president’s six-year term.”

Source: El Economista (sp) 

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