Edith Aparicio is an artist in her own right. Edith Aparicio is an artist in her own right.

Yalitza Aparicio not the only talent in the family: sister Edith a budding singer

Her new YouTube channel has been well received

Oaxaca actress Yalitzia Aparicio is not the only talent in her family. In fact, she owes her success on the silver screen to her sister: it was she who planned to attend the casting for Alfonso Cuarón’s award-winning film, Roma.

But Edith Aparicio couldn’t make it because she was pregnant at the time of the auditions. Instead, Edith encouraged Yalitza to attend in her stead, and the rest is history.

In an interview with the newspaper El Universal, Edith said her sister had never imagined becoming a movie star.

“Never, never! It’s actually funny for us because it’s been me who has expressed herself in that manner the most, what she liked the most . . . was reading, poetry, painting . . . she never said she wanted to be an actress.”

Edith Aparicio is the opposite: “I’ve sung and I’ve danced and I like it a lot. I’m getting a lot of work and I go wherever they invite me or pay me.”

Her audience has grown since January when she created a YouTube channel, where she has posted eight videos featuring traditional songs accompanied by a mariachi band or by a guitar that she often plays herself.

The videos have earned over 255,000 views, receiving positive comments from users who have encouraged her to continue to pursue her dream.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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