He should be okay if he can touch the pegs. He should be okay if he can touch the pegs.

Yucatán prohibits kids under 5 from riding on motorcycles

Older kids must be able to hold on and reach the foot pegs

Family outings on the household motorcycle are no longer permitted in Yucatán if any of the passengers are under the age of 5.

Lawmakers have approved a modification to the state’s traffic regulations that will effectively prohibit children under 5 to ride on motorcycles with their parents.

The modified law also states that older children will only be able to ride if they can hold on by themselves and reach the foot pegs.

The proponent of the law, Víctor Sánchez Roca, explained that it will provide greater safety and protect the lives of minors.

The overhaul of traffic regulations also means that all drivers’ license applicants must pass a driving test.

Next up on the agenda to improve road safety is a meeting next week to discuss three-wheeled motorcycle taxis, or mototaxis, which are illegal for safety reasons.

But their popularity has grown exponentially due to increasing demand and tolerance by authorities.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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